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Siemens 3.6 MW onshore direct drive platform

The Siemens wind turbine type SWT-3.6-130 for medium wind conditions proven to conform to IEC 61400-22 standard.
The increasing demand for offshore turbines to deliver ever higher power output to reduce the levelised cost of energy, timelines to develop optimised types become increasingly tight. To meet industry and customer expectations, it was crucial for Siemens Wind Power that the newly developed SWT-7.0-154 is IEC Type Certified and reached the market on time.

The project
The SWT-3.6-130 is the 2nd generation of wind turbine from the Onshore Direct Drive Platform. It features larger blades than previous generation of wind turbines, giving a rotor diameter of 130 meters. Thanks to this and additionally technical innovations and developments throughout the wind turbine, the SWT-3.6-130 will according to Siemens deliver 18-19% higher annual energy production across wind speeds than the previous model SWT-3.2-113 of the first generation of direct drive wind turbines. Siemens Wind Power offers the turbine with various hub heights.

As wind power has become mature and widespread, wind farm developers are facing the prospect that the sites with the best wind conditions have already been developed. They now have to investigate locations with less optimal wind conditions. To help them develop such sites cost-effectively, Siemens created its new Onshore Direct Drive Platform that maximizes yields in low- to medium- winds.

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Siemens Wind Power
Jonas Stenzel, Head of Global Product & Technology Type Certification for Siemens Wind Power: “Type certification of wind turbines is crucial for securing financing of new wind farm projects. Hence, it is an important factor in time to market for new turbines. “We have a more than 20-year working relationship with DNV’s wind experts. This experience and knowing the internal processes on both sides helps a lot to streamline the type certification procedure, allowing us to meet our given tight deadlines.”

Christer Eriksson, Service Line Leader for Type Certification: “We have been working with Siemens since their earliest days in wind power. We are very proud to support them in their continuous efforts to deliver more efficient wind turbines to move the industry forward. Through an efficient type certification process, we help Siemens demonstrate they can deliver compliant products on time and provide trusted, independent certification for a hassle-free market entrance.”

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Type Certification

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