Shop approval certification

Ingeteam received DNV’s “Shop Approval in Renewable Energy” certification for its wind converter manufacturing facility in Northern Spain.

The certificate
The DNV Shop Approval service certifies that a workshop operates with approved production facilities, working procedures, methods and qualified staff. It is independent from component, type or project certification and is always workshop specific.

The facility
The facility is an important manufacturing centre for Ingeteam, where 200 employees deliver electrical conversion systems ranging from 660 kW to 10 MW, as well as the associated control equipment.

The concept
The certification concept for shop approval provides evidence to stakeholders that a manufacturer has demonstrated verifiable capability for the manufacturing process. It is relative to an approved scope of work to comply with a set of requirements identified as being critical for the manufacturing processes. With this scheme, DNV offers next level certification and standardization, going beyond modules and elements to include all technical aspects laid down in standards and recommended practices.

The Shop Approval is a comprehensive audit that helps Ingeteam and their customers to reduce and simplify the manufacturing audits or possibly exempt, and any of their present or future customers, from having to pass DNV plant inspections for a period of three years. This certificate will enable Ingeteam to reduce the time and costs for any future equipment to be manufactured at this plant. It represents a serious guarantee of manufacturing quality and delivery for the customers.

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The Shop Approval standard is more than a typical product certification. It helps us and our customers to reduce and simplify the manufacturing audits.

  • Ana Goyen ,
  • Managing Director of the Wind Business Unit ,
  • Ingeteam
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