SHAMS CSP plant in the United Arab Emirates

Commissioning support and performance testing of the 100 MW SHAMS CSP plant.

The Shams One project involves the design, construction, operation and maintenance of a CSP plant located in Abu Dhabi on a build, own, operate (BOO) basis.
The SHAMS POWER COMPANY PJSC, is a joint venture between Masdar (60%), Total (20%) and Abengoa (20%). The Shams One project is a 100 MW Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plant located in the Western Region of Abu Dhabi, one of the United Arab Emirates.

The Shams-I project is the largest CSP plant in the Middle East. The technology used is parabolic trough technology, in order to convert the solar radiation into solar heat. Thermal oil absorbs the solar heat and transfers this heat to a boiler through heat exchangers. Booster heaters are used to increase the temperature of the steam. The generated high pressure, high temperature steam is fed into a steam turbine generator, which converts the thermal energy into electricity. The generated electricity is fed into the transmission grid.

Project description
DNV provides commissioning support related to various electrical and mechanical issues. Part of the commissioning activities are performance tests. The contractor has to demonstrate whether the contractual performance guarantees have been fulfilled based on the applicable Contract(s). To conduct Performance Tests in an efficient way, the engagement of an Independent Third Party is requested in order to support these tests. DNV is an internationally known, experienced and respected third party. DNV worked for various contractors and plant owners in the Middle East and has been requested to offer its support for the SHAMS Solar Power Station. The following (summary of) main tasks are requested:

  • Review and comment on the draft performance test procedure (drafted by the contractor);
  • Participate and assist SHAMS during discussions with other parties;
  • Witness the actual performance testing;
  • Provide report of the tests (verification of the test, calculations);
  • Assist SHAMS in post-test discussions with the contractor and ADWEC
  • Delivery of appropriate temporary test instrumentation (valid calibration), including fitting and testing of these instruments.

Services provided by DNV
Commissioning support (electrical, mechanical):DNV provides Shams with technical reports related to the issues raised (assessment, recommendation, and implementation). DNV is also approached during the implementation phase related to certain issues.

Performance Testing: DNV drafts performance test procedures and reviews and comments on the prepared procedures. During the execution of the performance testing, DNV conducts their own calculations, in order to compare the results independently. For this purpose simplified schematics are drafted to create a thermodynamic calculation model. Our findings and calculations will be converted into a preliminary Test Report, which is drafted on site generally within 3 days after the testing. The final report id finalized after receiving all data (fuel analysis).