SCADA/ADMS implementation

Replacement of the legacy distribution management system by an advanced distribution management system

Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB), Malaysia
TNB is the largest electricity utility in Malaysia and a leading utility in Asia. TNB’s core businesses are in generation and the transmission and distribution of electricity. TNB’s national grid is interconnected to Thailand in the North and Singapore in the South. TNB operates 12 GW generation capacity, 74,417 distribution substations, 1.2 million km distribution lines and serves 9.2 million customers.

TNB wants to replace the legacy distribution management system (SCADA/DMS) with an advanced distribution management system (SCADA/ADMS). ADMS is a software platform that integrates numerous utility systems and provides automated outage restoration and optimization of distribution grid performance. An ADMS is complicated, designed to reach higher reliability, reduce technical losses, enhanced work safety, shortening service restoration time during outage and increasing grid resiliency to natural disasters and other threats that disrupt the flow of power and end user’s lifestyles.

DNV provides full consultancy services in guiding TNB throughout the entire SCADA/ADMS implementation project. The consultancy assignment can be broken down into the following three main stages:

  1. Preparation of the conceptual design, writing the technical specifications and compile the tender dossier
  2. SCADA/ADMS tendering support
  3. SCADA/ADMS project management and implementation

The new SCADA/ADMS system will improve TNB’s core business continuity and optimised operation. The state-of-the-art system will address the challenges of future grids, from renewable energy management to cyber security, it will actively manage the grid and support TNB’s objective of “keeping the lights on”.