SCADA/ADCS upgrade

The updated SCADA systems will monitor the sub-transmission network

Taiwan Power Company (Taipower), Peoples Republic of China
Taipower is a vertically integrated state-owned utility. Taipower’s core businesses are in the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. It is the sole power sales company in the Republic of China, Taiwan. Taipower owns over 40 GW installed generation capacity, over 600 substations, and a 17,000+ km transmission and 350,000+ km distribution grid. Hydro and pumped storage hydro is the main renewable energy source in Taipower’s generation mix.

At present, Taipower Area Dispatch Control System (ADCS) is using a hybrid of SCADA solutions across all its control centres in Taiwan. ADCS SCADA systems monitor and/or control the sub-transmission network. The ADCS systems have been in operation for more than 10 years and Taipower is in the process of replacing them.

The planned updated SCADA systems will monitor the sub-transmission network. State-of-the-art features such as an historical information server, multisite, common information model, cyber security enforcement, et cetera are included. The project will be segregated into phases whereby all sub-transmission control centres will be equipped with the prospective SCADA solution at the end of the project lifecycle.

DNV will adopt the role of owner’s engineer, providing advisory services to Taipower during the implementation of the new SCADA solution. DNV will review all the documentations submitted by the SCADA vendor and will participate in all the testing carried out in the vendor’s factory or at Taipower’sites in Taiwan.

The prospective SCADA solution will reduce the total number of sub-transmission control centres and standardise the solution across all the sub-transmission control centres in Taiwan, excluding East Taiwan.