Project Certification DanTysk accommodation platform for offshore wind farms

A five and a half-storey house of steel


The project
The DanTysk offshore accommodation platform is a five and a half-storey house of steel, sitting 20 metres above the sea, measuring 20 metres high and weighing 2500 tonnes. This is the first offshore platform in the North Sea to host up to 50 operation and maintenance staff members working at the nearby DanTysk offshore wind farm. As the offshore wind farm is 90 kilometres away from the nearest harbour, Vattenfall designed the unique accommodation to enable staff to live independently close to the wind farm without any outside support for up to three weeks.

In total there will be 80 wind turbines at the DanTysk offshore wind farm, generating 288 MW of climate-neutral electricity for around 400,000 households.

The work
DNV provided a tailored certification approach to ensure the highest level of safety regulations are being met. Throughout the certification process, DNV focused not only on the structural aspects of the platform, but also on all safety aspects covering fire protection, electricity supply, escape and evacuation routes. The development of a tailored certification approach was needed, as the design comprised a new territory of hotel and hospital-like features in the notoriously harsh offshore environment. DNV issued a final statement of compliance for the DanTysk offshore accommodation platform.

Value to the customer
This accommodation platform saves the service and maintenance team from having to travel to the wind farm every day. Pending work can be carried out very efficiently. Given the harsh climate of the North Sea, with its strong winds and waves, one understands that safe working conditions for the maintenance teams on site are essential. The permanent accommodation platform offers a certified, high level of safety and comfort for the teams. 

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