Kennedy Energy Park due diligence

Due diligence of a 43 MW wind, 15 MW of solar and 2 MW/4 MWh battery storage asset

Windlab Developments Pty Ltd (Windlab)

Windlab is a global renewable energy development company. It has completed the development of 1,093 MW of capacity across three continents.

The Project
Kennedy Energy Park is an innovative wind, solar and energy storage facility located in Flinders Shire in central north Queensland. Commencing with the “proof-of-concept” Kennedy Energy Park comprises 15 MW solar, 43.2 MW wind, plus 2 MW storage. Collectively the renewable energy generation would provide electricity for an equivalent of 400,000 homes.

The location for Kennedy Energy Park has the one of the highest levels of solar irradiance and possesses a world class complementary wind resource. What makes it complementary is that on a typical day the solar resource ramps up in the morning as the wind slows down, and in the evening as the sun is setting the wind picks up and continues to generate steady power throughout the night. The result of this is highly reliable renewable electricity generation that overcomes the intermittency associated with wind energy or solar energy alone.

DNV supported the project prior to financial close providing a full technical review of the project including:

  • wind energy production assessment
  • solar energy production assessment
  • time series assessment of the combined wind and solar output and curtailment prediction
  • assessment of the suitability of the battery energy storage system to provide network support services
  • full technical due diligence report

Prior to the final investment decision the target asset’s financial implication and problem both from the past and future are clear. The stakeholders gained clear insight in the operational nature, potential risks, and potential opportunity of the targeted asset and applied technologies.