East Anglia ONE offshore wind farm development in the United Kingdom

DNV provided a diverse range of market leading advisory services during the development of the East Anglia ONE offshore wind farm.

ScottishPower Renewables and Vattenfall Wind Power began working on an equal collaborative partnership in 2009 to develop capacity for offshore wind generation off the East Anglian (UK) coast. East Anglia ONE, with a capacity of 714MW, was the first project to be selected for development within the East Anglia zone. The project achieved consent in 2014 and was awarded a Contract for Difference by the UK Government in 2015 with the lowest levelised cost of energy. In February 2015, ScottishPower Renewables became the sole developer on East Anglia One.

Building a project of this scale requires a wide variety of technical competencies. DNV was ScottishPower Renewables engineering partner on the project, providing a wide range of technical services throughout the development of the wind farm.

Solutions provided by DNV
To date, DNV has undertaken the following work packages in support of ScottishPower Renewables:

  • Operations & Maintenance strategy analysis and optimisation, utilising DNV’s industry leading Optimising Operations Maintenance (O2M) software.
  • Assessment of the reduction in levelised cost of energy due to Overplanting.
  • Technical support and review of the foundation design.
  • Review and update of the foundation fabrication tender technical specifications.
  • Foundation fabrication tender support and review.
  • Technical support services for geophysical and site investigation studies.
  • Met Mast Instrumentation Package management and support for Met Mast Driveability Analysis.
  • Assessment of the energy production, including Monte Carlo uncertainty analysis.
  • Analysis of the design condition for the project include metocean.
  • Wake modelling of the impact of neighbouring projects on the energy production and loads.
  • Development of wind turbine tender documentation.
  • General technical advisory support.
  • Cable route options study.
  • Transport & installation analysis.
  • Client representatives at various stages of the project development phase.

The client benefited from receiving a diverse range of market leading advisory services from a single provider, to support the development of this landmark project. DNV deployed its extensive experience from across the offshore wind industry to provide specialist knowledge and professional support services where required. DNV provided expert technical support throughout each phase of the project to date and in a number of fundamental packages. These include wind turbines, foundations, geotechnical, operations & maintenance strategy, transport & installation strategy and met mast.

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