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ABB main frequency converter for offshore wind turbines

The PCS6000 medium voltage wind turbine converter is designed for larger turbines for 4-12 MW.

The project
Component certification for ABB Switzerland's latest generation main frequency converter. The PCS6000 medium voltage wind converter has been developed specifically for use in offshore wind turbines and is available for capacities up to even 12 MW offering a future-proof solution.

The component certificate allows ABB Switzerland to emphasise its converter is in compliance with offshore wind turbine guidelines, demonstrating the quality of the product due to its compliance with all requirements relating to safety, functioning and quality that are needed for use in the tough environment for wind turbines. Furthermore, it will simplify and speed up the overall certification process of new wind turbines for manufacturers, as they are only required to provide documentation concerning integration of the converter in the wind turbine. The certification of the PCS6000 will provide ABB’s customers with the assurance needed before integrating the component into the turbine design and confidence in choosing ABB as a credible supplier.

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Stephan Ebner, Product Management & Quality: “We are very pleased that we have chosen DNV as our certification body for this project. In today’s market, approved and certified products are key to economic success and with its strong technical expertise DNV has proven to be a trusted and reliable partner. The certification underlines the quality of PCS6000, its production process and documentation, providing our customers with confidence that our component is meeting worldwide technical requirements and standards. Thanks to this certification, the development of new wind turbines will be faster and easier for our customers.”

Mike Wöbbeking, Renewables Certification: “It’s been a privilege to work with ABB on this assignment to provide the component certification for its main frequency converter. Winning this certification contract proves that DNV is a leading certification partner for global wind turbine component suppliers.”

  Component certification

Component certification

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