The certification process

Combined certification

​Combined certification is a way to get your management system certified to multiple standards in one go.

One integrated system

There is often a high degree of compatibility between the management system standards, although they cover different areas. Many organisations choose to build their management system into one integrated system, covering areas such as quality, health and safety, and the environment. By integrating several standards into one management system, you can eliminate duplication of work.

All critical areas in one audit

An integrated management system will allow you to keep your documentation simple as you will not have to prepare a complete set of documentation for each individual standard. Whether you choose this integrated system approach or build parallel management systems to cover each area, all of your company’s critical areas can be evaluated and certified in a single combined certification audit.

Added value of certification

Certifying your management systems simultaneously will save you time, effort and investment while increasing the effectiveness of your management system. We offer you a combined certification service designed to enable cost-effective and added-value audits throughout the certification process. ​

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