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Heading for Hydrogen was published in May 2020, exploring the then outlook for hydrogen energy, what was driving interest in it, and what could be done to scale it – from the perspective of the oil and gas industry.

One in five (21%) of the senior oil and gas professionals surveyed said that their organization was already actively entering the hydrogen market, and more than half (52%) expected hydrogen to form a significant part of the energy mix within a decade.

The future of hydrogen energy is wrapped up with the future of natural gas, renewable energy, and carbon capture and storage (CCS). This yields useful synergies, but also political, economic and technical complexity. Navigating this, Heading for Hydrogen identified four key enablers for scaling the hydrogen economy.

DNV’s latest hydrogen research Rising to the challenge of the hydrogen economy explores these enablers, and provides the outlook from across the hydrogen economy, from production to consumption, from oil and gas to power and renewables.

Heading for Hydrogen, which can be downloaded via the form below, provides a snapshot on the outlook for hydrogen from May 2020.

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Hydrogen: When will it scale? See our latest forecast

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