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Sustainable Product: what's your approach?

What is Sustainability?

Nowadays sustainability turns out to be mostly concerned with safeguarding the environment but social, ethics and economic aspects are more and more considered by companies taking concrete initiatives to act in a sustainable way in order to keep up with pressures coming especially from customers.

Sustainability is a core issue not only for medium and large corporations, but for small ones too. In fact, 83% of firms employing less than 50 people feel the need to deliver sustainable products too.


DNV GL - Business Assurance and GFK Eurisko have investigated the approach to product sustainability by companies across different sectors in Europe, North America, South America and Asia. The survey was carried out in June 2013 and explored the need to deliver sustainable products, the current capability to deliver them and what sustainability of products means to our clients.

Some key findings

  • 89 % of respondents agree to the need to provide sustainable products
  • 71 % consider their products to be sustainable
  • 79 % note pressure from customers as the primary reason to provide sustainable products
  • 47 % will invest more in sustainability in the future than they currently do today

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Sustainable Product: what's your approach?

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Sustainable Product: what's your approach?



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