Does occupational health & safety matter?

Together with GFK Eurisko we investigated the approach to occupational health & safety adopted by companies in different sectors in Europe, North America, South America and Asia. The survey, that was conducted in October 2013, explored the way occupational H&S is managed, the main risk areas and the main initiatives implemented in different world areas and sectors by our customers.

Some key findings

  • More than 90 % of companies confirmed that occupational health & safety is part of the corporate strategy.
  • The highest commitment comes from the mining and quarrying sector with 98 %.
  • Compliance with laws and regulations as well as internal policies are the main drivers.
  • 57 % states that the benefits from occupational health and safety measures surpass costs.


Managing H&S at work is nowadays part of the corporate strategy of big and small companies. Professionals all over the world expect a reduction in all kinds of operational hazards for the future. The focus on H&S at work will be high in the coming years. You can download the full report below.

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  Does Occupational Health & Safety matter?

Does Occupational Health & Safety matter?

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