Renewables Certification Service Specifications

New, comprehensive and up-to-date DNV certification schemes for wind energy

In 2016, Renewables Certification of DNV – Energy completed the full transition of the legacy DNV and GL certification schemes into new, comprehensive and up-to-date DNV certification schemes for wind energy. This is referred as one of the biggest achievements since the merger of DNV in 2013. The following service specification came into force in 2016.

DNVGL-SE-0074: type and component certification of wind turbines according to IEC 61400-22.
The service specification replaces the DNV DSS-904. The new service specification includes more details with respect to the certification process with focus on areas where alignment was required.

DNVGL-SE-0073: project certification of wind farms according to IEC 61400-22.
This service specification addresses also the assets substations and power cables. The extended scope considers offshore and onshore wind farms, site specific services and met mast certifications, covering life-cycle risk management, considering full power plant integrity, safety and quality.

DNVGL-SE-0190: service specification for project certification of wind power plants.
The most comprehensive set of specifications is designed to ensure the safe and reliable operation of wind power plants, their assets and components throughout the project life cycle. The new service specification encompasses more risk-related features for state-of-the art power plant certification.

DNVGL-SE-0263: certification of lifetime extension of wind turbines.
DNV has developed different methods in order to provide more guidance on possible approaches for lifetime extension and to offer adequate solutions to operators of single wind turbines as well as of large wind farms or even to manufacturers.

DNVGL-SE-0441: type and component certification of wind turbines.
The new service specification applies to type certification of wind turbines as well as for component certification. The experiences component and type certification of on- and offshore wind turbines have been taken into account for this new certification scheme. Correspondingly the type and component certification schemes have been adapted to meet market needs and expectations.

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