How can we support?

We can help you during the transition period with a number of services delivered to you from the local staff you already know:
  • Awareness sessions: Seminars, webinars and e-learnings where you typically learn about the revisions and where you get a basic overview of the content and key changes in the standards, the transition process etc.
  • Tutored training courses, in-company or public: these are interactive courses where the objective is to provide a deeper insight into the changes and  the required steps for transition. These are modular courses where the level of detail can be tailored to your needs.
  • Workshop with your Management team and/or other key resources: To build knowledge and understanding of the changes and how they impact the existing management systems. Focus can be tailored to your needs.
  • GAP-analysis: assessment of your management system against the requirements of the new standard to identify the gaps that need to be addressed. This will provide useful input on your readiness and to your process to comply with the new standard. The level of detail of such assessment can be tailored to your needs.

Our own audit methodology Next Generation Risk Based Certification has been updated to encompass the new approach from ISO. In addition to cover the standard requirements in an audit, it takes a broader view on the risks most critical to your business. Making you better equipped to meet the new requirements, but moreover to get the most out of your management system and improve on the areas that matter the most for your long-term success.

If you are transitioning or if these standards are new to you, please contact your nearest DNV unit to understand how we can support.

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