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In the wake of unprecedented global weather events and the ever-pressing urgency of climate change, the discourse around energy transition has become more critical than ever.

The United Kingdom, once at the forefront of the energy transition movement, finds itself at a crossroads. The initial rapid progress towards a low-carbon future is now facing hurdles, threatening the achievement of the 'net zero by 2050' target.

This revelation comes from the second edition of our UK Energy Transition Outlook (ETO), which leverages an independent model incorporating the UK's energy system's extensive connections with Europe and beyond.

Download this report for a comprehensive analysis of:

  • Renewable energy technology scaling and costs
  • The continuing dependence on fossil fuel and need to decarbonize
  • Energy demand by sector and source
  • Energy efficiency
  • Energy supply
  • Electricity and infrastructure
  • Hydrogen
  • Energy expenditure
  • Policies driving the transition
  • Digitalization.

Energy Transition Outlook UK 2024

We launched our UK ETO in February 2024 and this short video highlights the mood of the industry, demonstrating the need to move the energy transition forward, faster, together.

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Hari Vamadevan, Regional Director, UK & Ireland for Energy Systems at DNV

Drastic action is required as we look into the abyss of the most dangerous environmental and ecological disaster to ever impact mankind - and time is running out to reverse the effect. We need to move forward, faster, together to scale technology to decarbonize society and the energy industry."

  • Hari Vamadevan ,
  • Executive Vice President, and Regional Director, UK & Ireland for Energy Systems at DNV
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