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On-demand webinar

Unlocking NIS2: Hands-on examples of how the industry is preparing and ENISA’s vital role

Upcoming NIS2 presents an opportunity for operators of critical industrial infrastructure to strengthen their cyber security capabilities by addressing operational risk against strengthened cyber security requirements and build confidence that their partners and suppliers are addressing cyber threats. However, for organizations that haven't upgraded their cyber capabilities, it's a wake-up call to enhance cybersecurity risk management and ensure that their and their suppliers’ operations are getting ready to comply with NIS2 legislation.

To assist in planning and decision-making, Gennady Kreukniet, Senior OT Security Consultant at Applied Risk, a DNV company, and Kirsti Eikeland, Cyber Security Consultant at DNV, will provide hands-on insights to add to NIS2 readiness. During this webinar, we shared project examples and explore common challenges encountered by asset owners and operators when implementing NIS2 requirements and delve into the significance of standardization. Additionally, we will provide examples from best practice of NIS2 implementation in different member states.

The webinar is joined by Konstantinos Moulinos, Information Security Expert at the EU Agency for Cybersecurity - ENISA. Konstantinos will provide an overview of the important work ENISA is doing to support member states in their journey towards transposition and improved cyber security status across the EU.

Watch the webinar recording for insights into:

  • Project examples from companies getting ready for NIS2
  • Presentation of roadblocks implementing NIS2
  • Views on the role of standardisation
  • Examples from current best practise in member states
  • ENISAs mission and contributions to European cyber security and NIS2 implementation.

This webinar is specifically useful for: CISOs, project managers, asset managers, automation engineers, roles within process control, security officers, automation experts. We would like to emphasize that this webinar is also beneficial to more broadened roles related to operational technology cyber security, risk management and legal. The webinar provides value for professionals across energy, maritime, manufacturing and petrochemical sectors, and its supply chain.