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On-demand webinar

NIS2: What the EU’s Directive mean for cyber risk management and how to get ready to comply

NIS2 presents an opportunity for operators of critical industrial infrastructure to assess their capabilities and operations against strengthened cyber security requirements and builds confidence that their partners and suppliers are addressing cyber threats. But for organizations that haven’t upgraded their cyber capabilities, it’s a wake-up call on the need to act to better address cyber security threats to their infrastructure, and to make sure that their operations comply with the NIS2 legislation.

To assist planning and decision-making, Jalal Bouhdada, Segment Director Cyber Security in DNV and Founder of Applied Risk summarized in this webinar the scope and requirements of NIS2 and suggest how to prepare for compliance following three key steps to cyber-secure operational and information technologies (OT/IT).

Watch webinar recording for insight into:

  • NIS2 scope and new sectors covered
  • Legal requirements for managers and executives
  • Required cyber risk management measures
  • What NIS2 means for managing supply-chain cyber risk
  • Three key steps to ensure compliance.

This webinar is specifically useful for: CISOs, security officers, managers, engineers, asset owners and operators in operational technology.