The Cyber Priority

Uncover the state of cyber security in the energy sector in 2022

Go to DNV’s latest research exploring the state of cyber security in energy and maritime industries: Cyber Priority 2023.

The Cyber Priority is DNV’s latest research on the state of cyber security in the energy industry. Published in May 2022, the report investigates executives’ understanding of the increasingly common, complex and creative cyber threats facing the sector, and their strategies for managing emerging threats.

The report draws on a survey of more than 940 energy professionals and a series of in-depth interviews with industry leaders and security experts. It reveals anticipation for life, property, and environment-compromising cyber-attacks on the sector within the next two years. 84% believe that a cyber-attack is likely to cause physical damage to energy assets and 57% anticipate loss of life.

As industrial systems become increasingly network connected, the energy industry is waking up to the emerging cyber threat. But The Cyber Priority finds defence-strengthening action to be lagging.

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