NIS2 Directive: From risk to opportunity

Explore DNV’s timely guide to EU’s strengthened cyber security legislation (NIS2).

Strengthened cyber security legislation is coming into force in the EU, following the adoption of the Network and Information Security 2 (NIS2) Directive in January 2023. This builds on the EU’s existing NIS directive and requires Member States to enact stricter cyber security regulation backed by tougher enforcement.

For operators of critical industrial infrastructure, the legislation presents an opportunity to assess capabilities and operations against strengthened cyber security requirements. But for organizations that haven’t upgraded their cyber capabilities, it’s also a wake-up call on the need to act to better address cyber security threats to their infrastructure, and to make sure that their operations comply with the NIS2 legislation.

DNV’s guide to NIS2 explores what the legislation means for industrial companies in Europe and provides a three-step approach to compliance.

Download our guide to the NIS2 Directive (10-minute read) and take the first step to making sure NIS2 is an opportunity and not a risk to your organization.

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