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A Blueprint for Building Sustainable Operational Technology Cyber Security Programmes

A Blueprint for Building Sustainable Operational Technology Cyber Security, is a white paper published by Applied Risk, a DNV company and Frost & Sullivan. It outlines practical steps for designing, implementing, and maintaining sustainable operational technology (OT) cyber security programmes.

As OT becomes more connected and networked to IT environments, cyber criminals are increasingly gaining access to, and control of, industrial infrastructure. The risk of production shutdowns, safety incidents, process disturbance and other service disruptions, is consequently growing.

The white paper provides clear advice on the people, process and technology considerations that must be made at every stage of an OT security programme’s lifecycle.

Download the white paper for insight into a range of critical programme components, including:

  • Setting OT security programme goals and responsibilities
  • Determining vulnerabilities
  • Selecting countermeasures and governance systems
  • Implementing controls and embedding assurance schemes.