Delivering remote wind measurements with maximum flexibility

High-quality remote verification of measurement campaigns eliminate the need for experts to travel to wind farm locations

Three key benefits:

  • Access to global pool of wind measurement experts
  • Reduced health, safety and environmental risks due to reduced site visits and travel activities
  • Time saving and flexibility

The challenge
Wind measurement campaigns assess and confirm wind farm energy output and are a critical part of the wind project life cycle - from construction through operation. Various measurement campaigns are required for the financing of a wind project and to ensure the operational wind farm delivers the predicted energy output. 

To keep measurement projects on schedule and to achieve greater cost efficiency, more flexible solutions to conduct remote verification are needed that can be delivered without extensive travel requirements for DNV’s expert staff.

DNV’s solution
To provide a flexible solution to commission wind measurement campaigns without sending experts to the wind farm location, particularly when external circumstances or project specifications are hampering site visits, DNV’s measurements team developed a new approach to conduct remote verification of measurement systems. 

The team started with a risk analysis for a typical measurement commissioning process. Based on the critical steps in the process a detailed remote operating plan is devised, to ensure the same quality and reliability of the data for each measurement campaign with remote verification. 

In order to measure the wind speeds as accurately as possible, met masts and other equipment needs to be installed to a high standard that must be verified on site. For remote verification of measurement systems, DNV works with the support of wind farm staff and subcontractors already onsite to install the equipment at the location of the wind farm. This is done under close supervision and in direct communication with DNV’s measurement experts, who verify accurate installation by means of time-stamped and geo-tagged photos, as well as data from the measurement equipment itself. Once the equipment is installed, the technical data is transmitted directly to DNV’s measurement experts at their desks. 

Not only does this allow the  team to execute commissioning of the measurement system remotely, it also enables DNV to tap into the experience and knowledge of its global team of over 100 wind measurement experts, in real-time who can support the analysis of the data and overall verification of the system. 

To date, over 70 wind measurement campaigns have been verified remotely by DNV’s experts to ensure a timely project delivery.

DNV’s innovative remote verification of measurement systems delivered in close collaboration with wind farm owners and operators, provides maximum autonomy to meet contractual requirements and ensure finance-critical testing on time and on budget - regardless of unexpected disruptions such as weather or travel related restrictions.