Maritime Forecast to 2050, 2023 edition

The latest edition of Maritime Forecast to 2050 provides a deep dive into shipping’s decarbonization journey. The report explores some key themes, such as latest targets and regulations from the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and European Union (EU), the future availability of carbon-neutral fuels, some key energy efficiency technologies which can deliver short-term decarbonization results, and the role of green shipping corridors in accelerating the uptake of carbon-neutral fuels.

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11 May 2023

Is hydrogen a greenhouse gas?

Recent research has revealed that hydrogen has an indirect influence on atmospheric warming. We have to accept that there is no perfect solution to the climate change challenge. Even renewable technologies indirectly involve adverse effects through mineral extraction and manufacturing of components. So, this should not be considered a showstopper for the hydrogen economy. But what impact will hydrogen have on the atmosphere and how will this influence climate change in the transition to a hydrogen economy?

  • Power and renewables
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Scaling renewables

Scaling renewables is key to accelerating the energy transition. What are the technologies and solutions to help us get there?

Decarbonizing oil and gas

How can upstream operators tackle the direct emissions challenge from oil and gas production?

Decarbonizing shipping

The pressure is on for the maritime industry to decarbonize. To help navigate these complex challenges, explore the latest knowledge that is helping turn uncertainty into confidence for industry stakeholders.

Embedding ESG into your business operations

Enabling customers with comprehensive range of services related to ESG risks and performance assurance

Digitalization - a key enabler of the energy transition

Digitalization is a key enabler of the energy transition. Successful digitalization entails managing risks across many distributed and interlinked cyber-physical systems throughout value chains. At DNV, our work covers all the building blocks of complex, digital systems that are accelerating the energy transition – including data quality, algorithms, simulations tools, digital twins, and AI.​

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