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Stay connected with digital services

With early investments in digital tools, DNV GL is now able to fully support its customers when personal surveys and visits are not an option. Tools enabling smart and safe data sharing and utilization provide additional efficiency gains for vessel owners and operators.

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500,000 DATEs with customers since launch - DNV GL
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An electronic certificate every 4 minutes_DNV GL
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80% of our customers book their surveys the smart way - DNV GL
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15,000 remote surveys since launch - DNV GL

Direct Access to Technical Experts - or simply DATE

Our DATE service solved more than 500,000 customer requests in the last 5 years. 400 experts around the globe supported by machine learning ensure fastest response rates also to very complex and individual questions.

Electronic certificates

Paper was yesterday! Every 4 minutes we issue an electronic certificate to a customer, more than 350 per day or 130,000 per year. Easy and safe to share with relevant stakeholders, DNV GL e-certificates ensure operations don’t get disrupted by missing documentation.

Smart survey booking

Our smart survey booking concept uses algorithms to identify the “sweet spots” when the maximum number of survey scope items can be combined. Following the recommendations of the so-called Smart Scope, not only means less disturbance to ship and shore operations, the system also recommends a port of call with all estimated costs at hand to make smart decisions.

Remote surveys fleet in service

Introduced in 2018, our remote surveys bring an experienced surveyor to your vessel, without setting a foot on board. By using an online connection or video streaming link, a dedicated surveyor team can support crews anywhere in the world.

Machinery Maintenance Connect

Machinery Maintenance Connect (MMC) is DNV GL’s new remote approach to the machinery planned maintenance system (MPMS). Based on data processed via algorithms, it not only enables an entire fleet to be surveyed at once, but also gives owners much better control over the maintenance regimes of all their vessels.

Maritime webinars

Learning from the experts! Our regular webinars provide insights into relevant industry topics and practical recommendations. With live sessions including Q&As and post-event recordings, the information is constantly available.

Navigator Port software

Thousands of vessels equipped with DNV GL’s Navigator Port software receive the latest Covid-19 related information, news, port clearance forms, rules, regulations and port information. The software covers more than 13,000 ports and terminals. 1,400 pre-filled forms significantly reduce the administrative burden for the crew onboard.

Alternative Fuels Insight (AFI) platform

Interested in LNG as ship fuel, batteries or scrubbers? By signing up to DNV GL’s AFI platform, you’ll join over 4,500 subscribers already receiving the latest information on the uptake of alternative fuels and emission reducing technologies in the maritime industry. With advanced tools, users can analyse trends and screen the feasibility of their alternative fuel projects.

Fleet management system ShipManager

How to get the most operational insights out of your ship management data? Our fleet management system ShipManager supplies vessel operators with synchronized data on maintenance, procurement, quality and safety, crewing and hull inspection from more than 3,000 vessels at least twice a day.


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Stay connected with digital services


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