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Smart Cable Guard applications

Smart Cable Guard is as versatile as it is advanced, providing 24/7 monitoring for a wide variety of cable networks up to 69 kV. The system can be installed on multiple cable types including XLPE, EPR and PILC as well as mixed-cable systems. It is compatible with both underground and overhead cable networks. And it has proven itself effective in cables up to 15 km (10 miles) long.

Smart Cable Guard is already improving reliability, promoting safe working practices and reducing costs for power distribution grids, large industrial sites, onshore wind farms and transport systems around the world. Today we serve over 50 grid operators in more than 20 different countries across all continents.

Smart Cable Guard: Proven applications

Smart Cable Guard: Power grids brochure cover

Power distribution grids

Changing demand patterns and growing use of renewables are significantly increasing loads in distribution systems. This is putting more pressure than ever on, often ageing, infrastructure. Distribution grid operators worldwide who have installed DNV’s Smart Cable Guard to prevent cable failures are experiencing fewer unplanned power outages, and can undertake more preventive maintenance which is safer and takes less time.

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Smart Cable Guard: Industrial sites brochure coverLarge industrial sites

Feeder cables are business-critical for large industrial sites. Any failure could cause a complete shutdown of operations – causing long-term damage to your bottom line and business reputation. Smart Cable Guard puts grid operators at large industrial sites in complete control of their feeder cable network. Through continuous monitoring, they are preventing multiple outages and saving their companies millions of dollars each year.

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Smart Cable Guard: Onshore wind brochure coverOnshore wind

For wind farms, a faulty feeder cable can mean no power fed into the grid – and no revenue generated. But with wind farms sited in more remote locations, maintenance can be difficult, time-consuming and expensive. This is why more wind farms are turning to Smart Cable Guard. Its continuous monitoring allows you to plan maintenance before a fault occurs. What’s more, the system’s accuracy reduces the time and expense of replacing cables. Fewer and shorter outages help wind farms meet minimum uptime requirements, reduce levelized cost of energy (LCoE) and increase profitability and safety.

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Smart Cable Guard: Transport systemsTransport systems

For mass transit and metro rail systems, if the power stops, the whole network is disrupted. Thousands of upset passengers could be left stranded in potentially dangerous conditions causing untold damage to your reputation. Smart Cable Guard is actively helping transport systems across the world to keep running. By locating faults and weak spots in power feeder cables, it helps network owners to locate essential maintenance and repair requirements, minimizing the number and duration of service interruptions.

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