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BEST 测试中心进行的储能测试

DNV’s BEST Test Center partners with industry to develop, test, and validate innovative battery energy storage technologies

BEST Test Center helps promote clean energy by providing comprehensive testing services for innovative battery and energy storage systems (BESS). Located in Rochester, New York, it is the result of a collaboration of DNV with the NY-BEST Consortium of over 180 battery and storage technology companies, universities and government entities. 

The BEST Test Center brings together the combined experience of DNV and NY-BEST, including vast battery and energy storage R&D, consultancy and testing knowledge. As an ISO 17025 accredited testing laboratory, BEST Test Center provides strictly independent and impartial performance and safety testing to its clients. To date, more than 5 million hours of battery testing have been logged since the lab’s opening in 2014.

Streamlining technology development
BEST Test Center is a unique asset for anyone involved in developing and commercializing new battery and energy storage solutions. The center’s capabilities help bring emerging BESS technologies faster to the commercial market and offer companies product testing, qualification and certification at reasonable costs. Due to its large size and high testing capacity, complex test orders can typically be processed faster than at other test labs or in-house.  

Our breadth of battery and energy storage system testing services:
DNV with its state-of-the-art testing capabilities and associated energy storage advisory services can deliver a wide range of solutions for all types of battery chemistries and systems. 

  • Life cycle tests to predict the expected life span of your product 
  • Safety tests such as fire and burn tests, overload, short-circuit and physical abuse tests 
  • Solar plus Storage system tests  
  • Grid tests and modeling of grid-connected storage applications 
  • Comparison tests of technologies for specific applications 
  • Warranty evaluations 
  • Performance measurements and modeling of new applications (Battery XT
  • Technology assessments of advanced energy storage systems 
  • Validating and expert witnessing services 
  • Certification testing in cooperation with NRTLs 

Advanced Testing Capabilities for Performance and Safety:

  • Total of 400 cycler channels for performance and degradation testing of cells, modules and systems with advanced cycling equipment from PEC and NHR at all levels: 
    • 5V/50A channels for cell testing with accuracies better than 0.1% (can be paralleled for high capacity cells and high charge and discharge -rates) 
    • 20V/50A and 100V/50A channels for module testing 
    • 1000V/500A channels for system testing (max. 240kW) 
  • 15 environmental chambers and ovens for testing at different ambient conditions from small 1 cu-ft to 1100 cu-ft walk-in size chambers 
  • PV supply, load, and grid simulators for system level testing 
  • Advanced electronic measurement and data acquisition systems 
  • Burn chamber and physical abuse testing equipment 
  • Cell vent gas capture and analysis 

These tests can provide insights into the performance of your energy storage system. DNV’s test facilities help you to study the technical and safety performance of energy storage systems in any situation. Situations can be characterized by standardized or customized performance profiles; during the tests the storage systems will be charged and discharged according to these profiles. 

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  Download BEST Test Center brochure

Download BEST Test Center brochure

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