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船舶进出港清关软件 - Navigator Port

Plan and prepare the documents needed for port clearance and for sailing through controlled waters

Port clearance

A Master's day is becoming increasingly filled with paperwork and less with nautical matters. Navigator Port reverses this trend. It assists the shipmasters in carrying out the planning and preparation of documents needed for port clearance and sailing through controlled waters. Navigator Port software reduces paperwork by up to 90%, letting the Master and officers focus on their primary responsibility: safe and sound navigation.

Port clearance assistance, including nautical publications

  • Navigator Port software is used daily onboard several thousand ships worldwide
  • Constantly developed and updated based on feedback from the user community
  • Weekly updates of latest rules, regulations and port information to vessels
  • Dedicated support team

Navigator Port supports compliance

Meeting the requirements for a growing bureaucracy and increased legislative demands is a constant challenge. Navigator Port software is tailor-made to assist the Master, and allows efficient documentation of compliance with regulations and demands from stakeholders.

Port clearance benefits

  • Saves subscription costs, with up-to-date nautical publications and data from UKHO's Admiralty Radio Signals Vol. 6, IHS Fairplay's 'Ports and Terminals Guide', IMO and national authorities
  • More than 1600 forms and port papers required by local and national authorities worldwide are pre-filled with ship's information and crew data
  • Covers more than 13,000 ports and terminals
  • Unique arrival and departure checklists for all major ports
  • Electronic reporting directly to authorities, including US eNOAD
  • Detailed reference to relevant national, regional and international regulations
  • Transfer of Officer Matrix via Q88's web service to OCIMF - SIRE
  • Cost-efficient communication between ship and shore
  • Information on ECA areas
  • Add-on modules for work and rest hours, passage planning and fleet monitoring from shore

Navigator Port - support for planning and reporting

Navigator Port is not a navigation aid, but an aid for effective planning of the passage through regulated fairways, port entries and departures as an aid for effective communication with parties concerned with the defined navigational activity. As Navigator Port relies on information from third party providers, we do our utmost to secure and present correct information. The Master of the ship always remains responsible for the planning and execution of the vessel's navigation.


  Maritime software 手册

Maritime software 手册

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  Navigator Port - Flier

Navigator Port - Flier

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  Navigator Port 模块

Navigator Port 模块

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Port state control support

We provide support, information and training in PSC matters to prepare you for inspections - and are on your side at all times.








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