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船体结构强度评估分析软件 - Nauticus Hull

Efficient hull design and verification

Hull design

Nauticus Hull is our software package for strength assessment of hull structures. It offers all the tools you need for efficient hull design and verification according to DNV Rules and IACS Common Structural Rules for bulk carriers and oil tankers (CSR BC & OT).

Ship structural analysis and design software

  • Complete module-based structural analysis package
  • Efficient environment for strength assessment, design and verification
  • Supports the latest updates of CSR BC & OT for prescriptive and Finite Element Method calculations
  • Integrated with Sesam GeniE for FE modelling, post-processing and code check
  • Import of FE models from common 3D design and FE systems such as MSC Patran/Nastran, ANSYS, AVEVA Marine, NAPA Steel etc.
  • Proven software used by more than 275 shipyards and ship design offices worldwide
  • High quality technical support

Hull software you can rely on

During ship design and strength assessment it's essential to have the most effective tools that enable you to optimize the design process, the hull structure and ensure compliance with Class Rules. With Nauticus Hull you have access to a complete and integrated software package for all of the steps in the process.

Key benefits of Nauticus Hull for hull design

  • Hull software based on DNV's strong industry knowledge and expertise
  • User-friendly and powerful modelling capabilities
  • Efficient modelling of entire cargo hold region, including the transition to the fore body and the engine room and import of the hull shape from stability software
  • The hull software is continuously updated according to the latest rule updates
  • Available in different configurations, from prescriptive Rule Check package to advanced systems for wave load and finite element analyses


  Nauticus Hull 手册

Nauticus Hull 手册

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  Nauticus Hull 模块

Nauticus Hull 模块

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