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Provides seamless integration between Synergi Water software and your GIS

Seamless integration

The Model Builder module provides seamless integration between Synergi Water software and your Geospatial Information System (GIS). Its robust and flexible data management capability allows you to import from external sources, including shape files, CAD files and ArcInfo™ coverages, as well as personal and enterprise ArcGIS® geodatabases.

What you get with Synergi Water Model Builder

  • Streamlines time required to build your Synergi Water models
  • Leverages your investment in GIS and eliminates dual entry
  • Lets you filter and query data from external sources
  • GIS integration provides automated and efficient model maintenance and revision

Key benefits of Model Builder

  • Easily converts GIS point data, such as valves and regulators, into linear, non-pipe facilities
  • Imports multiple pipe and facility source model layers at once
  • Maps source file attributes and supplements any missing or incomplete GIS attributes with model data, including facility details, internal pipe diameters, pipe roughness, source node properties, customer demands and node names
  • Validates imported facility and node data
  • Spatial and attribute tools can be used to clean topology, identify bottlenecks and report missing attribute data
  • Stores your settings so you can re-build your models with the click of a mouse


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