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Risk assessment and HSE risk management app for sharing, learning and acting on-the-go

The risk assessment app for your business

The Synergi Life Mobile App takes QHSE and risk management processes to a new level by letting you handle HSE issues online or offline. Share and discuss safety cases, improvement initiatives and risks through a user-friendly and intuitive user interface.

Why use our app for HSE and risk management?

  • Easy and flexible mobile risk assessment app for iPhone and Android, extension of Synergi Life
  • Faster and more frequent reporting, feedback and action handling
  • Extension of your office functions to mobile devices 
  • A field tool for easy documentation of HSE observations, risk incident reports – any time and from anywhere
  • Immediate access to the reports and records you need
  • Seamless functions across various form factors 

Making HSE reporting easy from your smartphone

Reporting incidents has to be easily done, otherwise it gets postponed and details are easily forgotten. With the Synergi Life Mobile App for risk assessment, reporting HSE discrepancies on the go couldn’t be easier. Even if the phone is offline, the Synergi Life Mobile App will automatically send the observation to Synergi Life the next time the phone is online.

Key HSE benefits of the Mobile App software for risk management

  • Easy to use app for reporting of HSE observations at all levels
  • Configurable for different customer needs
  • Automatic input of standard fields (i.e. name, location, unit)
  • Utilizes built-in capabilities to simplify input
  • Easy to upload photos
  • Voice recording function
  • Can be adapted to report what a company wants to report
  • Observation is automatically filed and immediately sent to the correct unit in the company
  • Managers are notified right away via the app, they can modify immediatley with risk assessments


  Synergi Life Mobile App

Synergi Life Mobile App

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  Synergi Life Mobile App video

Synergi Life Mobile App video

Reporting on-the-go

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