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Get up to speed on Sesam software - Sesam Assistance

Learn to use Sesam to its full potential

Are you using Sesam to its full potential?

Sesam is a comprehensive and powerful tool. With Sesam Assistance you can efficiently get up to speed and learn to use the Sesam to its full potential.

Our Sesam Assistance program covers every aspect of offshore engineering including fixed structures, floaters, SURF, and offshore wind turbine analyses. Taking advantage of these experts with extensive engineering and software experience will significantly accelerate your time to value using a set of best practices utilized for your specific design and analytical requirements. Sesam is continually expanding its product offerings with new releases that enrich and complement our existing software portfolio. We offer a wide range of services to help you plan, deploy and optimize the value of your software investment.

What you get

  • Learn from DNV's experts who understand your challenges
  • Receive top notch implementation of the Sesam application based on best practice
  • Ensure that your team has the right skills to maximize your technology investment

Sesam Assistance for project related work

  • Configure Sesam to carry out analyses based on defined project-specific procedures and techniques
  • Use Sesam in the most effective way
  • Optimize Sesam software to your needs in cooperation with DNV - Software, on-premise or remotely
  • Identify and document any improved training practices that will ultimately lead to an improved use of Sesam

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  Sesam Assistance

Sesam Assistance

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  Sesam Feature Description

Sesam Feature Description

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  Sesam Manager

Sesam Manager

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FAQ (English)

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