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Efficient way of integrating Cascade and LOAD software with your existing enterprise systems

Enterprise Integration Solutions

Our Enterprise Integration Solutions are an efficient and reliable way to integrate Cascade and LOAD software with your existing enterprise systems. Integration enables improved field operations, work and asset management, and strategic planning, by securing access to the same accurate and up-to-date technical asset data across your business.

What you get

  • Seamless exchange of data between the Cascade or LOAD system and your financial, operational and engineering systems such as EAM, ERP, GIS, SCADA, work management, and load planning systems
  • Unified solution and data set for comprehensive management of your assets
  • Allows savings on data maintenance costs
  • Improves accessibility and reliability of your data

Key benefits of Enterprise Integration Solutions

  • Integration of the Cascade system makes all the vital technical asset information collected and assessed by Cascade available to all your enterprise systems
  • Data exchange is automated and conforms to your business rules and logic, so you spend less time and money on data entry and maintenance
  • Cascade and LOAD Enterprise Integrations provide a seamless and supported upgrade path, and can be tailored to your specific business needs
  • Integration framework is version-independent, minimizing the maintenance required should you upgrade your enterprise system
  • DNV has more than 15 years of utility-specific systems experience, and we have successfully integrated Cascade with many customer systems, including:
    - SAP
    - Oracle WAMS
    - Oracle Financials
    - PeopleSoft
    - Primavera
    - Ventyx Asset Suite (formerly Indus Passport)
    - Ventyx Ellipse (formerly Mincom Ellipse)
    - Ivara
    - Logica
    - MAXIMO
    - ESRI ArcGIS
    - ASPEN
    - CAPE
    - COMPAS
    - Walker


  Cascade 手册

Cascade 手册

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Cascade Inspector flier

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