Synergi Plant - 工厂设备设施资产完整性管理的一站式方案

The new Synergi Plant release from DNV GL marks the first time that one plant integrity management software solution provides the three most important methodologies in one cloud-based solution.

Combining the best functionality

Leading companies in oil and gas, chemical, and energy industries are constantly searching for better plant integrity management solutions in order to prevent unknown risk conditions or potentially catastrophic consequences. Plant integrity managers who rely on various methodologies for asset integrity management are often using more than one software solution. This approach, at times involving compiled spreadsheets, leads to inefficient use of resources and can be a source of errors which could ultimately negatively impact the level of risk.

With the new release of Synergi Plant, functionality from two software solutions are now combined into one. For two years, a team of developers has been working to merge the legacy Synergi Plant and Galiom asset integrity management products into one complete offering from DNV GL. With Synergi Plant 5.4, this has been achieved.

The three major assessment modules for asset integrity are all available: RBI (risk-based inspection), RCM (reliability-centred maintenance) and SIL (safety integrity level). It is also the only software commercially available that offers both standard risk-based inspection (RBI) and bespoke RBI in one software package.

Efficient one-stop shop

“Many customers prefer standard RBI, following international codes,” says Tommy Tang, Product Manager, Plant Integrity Software at DNV GL. “But they may find that certain parts of the assets are not in the code. How do they take care of these deviations or exceptions? Now they have a solution. With Synergi Plant they can use the standard RBI, and for the non-standard assets, damage mechanisms, or decision/calculation methods, they can use the bespoke RBI module. With Synergi Plant’s modules for risk-based inspection, reliability-centred maintenance, critical safety system and safety integrity level, DNV GL is truly a one-stop shop for plant integrity managers,” says Tang.

“Using DNV GL’s Synergi Plant for plant integrity management offers the most comprehensive and cost-efficient solution,” says Are Føllesdal Tjønn, CEO of DNV GL - Software. “When we now offer cloud based solutions we enable our customers to leverage the strong value proposition from cloud deployments. The customer can achieve substantial cost saving by avoiding investments in own IT and hardware infrastructure and operations, as well as their own solution management. Together with our cloud partner, DNV GL can offer Synergi Plant as SaaS, a complete managed solution,” he says.


  Synergi Plant 手册

Synergi Plant 手册

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