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DNV GL助力ITC酒店,建立对健康、卫生和安全协议的信任

ITC酒店将与DNV GL合作,秉承创造负责任的豪华入住体验的精神,进一步加强对安全的承诺。DNV GL初次涉足酒店行业,致力于提升ITC酒店的 'WeAssure' 健康、卫生、感染和安全协议。全新的能力和性能开发框架将全力促使消费者产生更多信心。DNV GL将对酒店员工及相关方进行培训以此确保协议的顺利实施。向客户传达良好的感染预防和缓解方案是在安全环境中保持业务连续性的核心。

With many Indian states easing lockdown curbs and allowing hotels to re-open, assuring customers about safety and hygiene levels is paramount. The industry now requires a different approach to organizational infection risk management. The level required has only previously been seen in hospitals & healthcare industries but now every company must comply quickly, demonstrating to customers beyond any doubt the ability to manage the level of infection risk posed by COVID-19.

ITC Hotels engaged DNV GL Business Assurance, one of the world’s leading, independent, Third-Party assessment and certification bodies in launching the 'WeAssure' programme, an initiative of its Responsible Luxury philosophy. 'WeAssure' is aimed towards reassuring guests of stringent cleanliness and disinfection practices benchmarking near clinically hygienic standards at ITC Hotels.

Based on  DNV GL Business Assurance’s proprietary My Care - Infection & Emergent Pathogen Risk prevention framework, the programme will review and help in upgrading ITC Hotels existing hygiene and safety standards across India. The result will be a much elevated health, hygiene and safety standard for ITC Hotels that meet national and international regulations and industry-best practices.

DNV GL Business Assurance is one of the world’s leading certification bodies. The partnership between ITC Hotels & DNV GL will set a new benchmark in the hospitality industry. The heightened levels of health, hygiene & safety will strenghten ITC Hotels ‘WeAssure’ programme and create greater moments of trust for the customer. Our Responsible Luxury philosophy is committed to delivering world-class luxury experiences that address the most important needs of wellbeing and safety though responsible practices that are immensely relevant in the unprecedented circumstances we face today’’, stated Anil Chadha-COO, ITC Hotels.

The implementation will be assessed by DNV GL according to a Maturity Assessment Protocol based on Health, Hygiene, Safety & Emerging Pathogen Management standards and guidelines. It will involve a review and extension of infection standards, detailed risk assessment of processes and practices including front office, housekeeping, laundry, food and beverage, facility layout, equipment maintenance, infection risk management and environmental surveillance to name a few.

To build trust toward all its stakeholders and ensure continual improvement, assessment of ITC Hotels will be conducted at regular intervals. Customers visiting the ITC Hotels compliant to the new standard will be able to verify these themselves through the trust mark displayed online or on the premises.

The COVID-19 situation is fast changing. National and international requirements can be extensive and continuously changing. Mitigating actions must be tailored to industry specific processes and the changes required to be compliant can be complex. A pro-active approach enables companies to put standards and systems in place to build resilience now and for the post COVID-19 environment.

“Working daily with hospitals on quality and infection prevention, we know how complex but also how critical it is to have the right standard and risk-based preventive systems in place,” says Luca Crisciotti CEO DNV GL - Business Assurance. “To support ITC in putting a robust system in place that helps them regain and continually build trust toward customers, we combine our experience and expertise from HSE and risk management, our own infection prevention standard for hospitals and industry-wide best practices.”