DNV GL launches digital hub in Singapore

DNV GL has launched a digital hub in Singapore as part of the transformation of the oil and gas, maritime and energy industries toward digitalization, including increased cyber security and smart infrastructure.

Digital consulting and Smart Cities

The new Singapore hub is called Digital Consulting and Smart Cities, and will include three teams covering smart cities, cyber security and digital development - including support for DNV GL's open industry platform Veracity. The digital hub, part of DNV GL - Digital Solutions, is set up to work closely with local and regional authorities and industry players to improve the performance of assets and infrastructure and to increase quality of life.

DNV GL is focusing on the power of digitalization combined with expertise and experience in operational technology to meet increasing expectations regarding asset performance and living conditions. DNV GL's offerings will help cities and their various industries develop and cope with stressors and expected and unexpected change through advisory services, predictive analytics, applications development and standard setting for digital technologies. Some examples of the service offerings of the hub are climate resilience, infrastructure performance and cyber security.

Seeing solutions from a holistic perspective

"Our clients know we are technically capable of understanding their assets and we can also see the challenges and solutions from a holistic perspective, which is why they have trust in us," says Mathias Steck, Regional Manager, Digital Consulting and Smart Cities at DNV GL - Digital Solutions. "We're able to strike the balance between operational technology and information technology," he says.

"The establishment of DNV GL's Asia Pacific Digital Hub in Singapore is testament to our strong digital talent and IT infrastructure. DNV GL will join a growing ecosystem of digital technology solution providers using Singapore as a base to serve companies and cities in Asia who wish to extract more insights and value from their data. We congratulate DNV GL on the establishment of the Hub, and look forward to our continued partnership." said Mr. Lim Kok Kiang, Assistant Managing Director, EDB.

The digital hub will have 50 employees within the next five years by attracting software development and engineering talent from the pool of innovative and dedicated entrepreneurs in the region. The hub will also partner with local universities and businesses. Singapore is considered a leader in the region for innovative approaches towards digital and smart city solutions, and other countries and cities in the region are focused on achieving similar results.

"We will be the digital headquarters for the Asia Pacific region," says Steck. "We are part of DNV GL's strong push towards digitalization and disruptive technologies. It's an exciting place to work," he says.



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