ISO 22301 - Business continuity management

Build resilience and make sure you are equipped to continue operating when facing major events or incidents.

Business disruption is a key concern for many executives. Cyberattacks, IT breakdowns, flooding, fire, major supply chain issues or a pandemic may pose substantial threats to continue business for any company. The ISO 22301 business continuity management system standard provides international best practices that help you respond and recover effectively from disruptions.

What is ISO 22301

ISO 22301 is relevant for any organization, large or small, operating within any industry sector. The pandemic emphasized how everyone can be impacted. However, it may be particularly relevant for companies in high risk environments like utilities, financial services, oil and gas, transportation, telecom and food & beverage production. The same goes for organizations where continued operation is critical, like in the public sector.

Providing requirements for a business continuity management system, ISO 22301 helps you get a better understanding of your organization and implement a business continuity strategy.

Build security and resilience to ensure that you:

  • maintain a continuity management plan;
  • protect assets, turnover and profits;
  • meet legal and regulatory requirements;
  • monitor and test your preparedness level;
  • reduce the cost of business interruption insurance.

Benefits of becoming certified 

An ISO 22301 compliant business continuity management system generally gives a clear and detailed view of how an organization operates. It offers valuable insight useful for strategic planning, risk management, supply chain management, business transformation and resource management.

Other benefits are:

  • better understanding of critical issues and vulnerable areas;
  • enhanced organizational resilience through cross-team collaboration;
  • reduced costs and less impact on business performance in case of disruptive incidents;
  • cost benefits from reduced insurance premiums;
  • consistent approach throughout the organization;
  • demonstration to customers, suppliers and regulators that business continuity systems and processes are in place.

Getting started

Certification always starts with understand the standard and implementing a compliant management system. As an accredited third-party certification body, DNV can provide relevant training, self-assessments, gap analysis and certification. DNV is a gold partner with Business Continuity Institute (BCI), a leading organization working to promote the art and science of business continuity management worldwide.

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