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Value chain assessment for offshore wind farms

Value chain assessment


Marion Hill

Marion Hill

Business Line Director, Renewables Advisory, North America

Remove uncertainties to alleviate risk and simplify the investment decision making process for offshore wind farms.

Before committing finances, investors need to know the risks around a project are well understood. But the uncertainty and inter-dependency of various elements in the value chain can make this understanding a real challenge for offshore wind farms. For example, the chosen turbine can impact the foundations, while the turbine blades can affect the energy yield which in turn can affect operation and maintenance. As the industry reaches further offshore, this challenge intensifies due to longer transits, harsher conditions and deeper engineering environments.

Easier investment decisions for offshore wind energy
Now you can make your investment decisions in offshore wind farms more easily with our value chain assessment service. By modelling all the various value chain elements and their relationships, it helps you better understand their technical impacts, removing uncertainty from the decision making process.

Taking a very consultative approach, we work closely with you to understand your project and your specific needs, and exactly what you want to measure – be it levelized cost of energy, availability, vessels, logistics solutions, etc. From this, we build a computer model that incorporates all the relevant factors, based on inputs such as historical data and weather time-series. Then using our O2M (operations planning) and O2C (construction planning) tools, as well as our cost of energy modelling, we help you explore the effects of various strategies to find the best one for your projects.

Energy investment decisions report
As a first step, you receive an installation assessment of different concepts. From these concepts, we derive a quantitative figure and highlight qualitative findings such as risk. At the end of the process, you get a complete energy investment decisions report covering our probabilistic and techno-economic analysis, plus possible risk alleviation measures.

The bigger picture in the global arena
Our Value chain assessment is a global service. We see the bigger picture and can leverage broad expertise in all areas of marine engineering. We have all the tools and knowledge in-house to conduct the quantitative modelling of a project, and can draw on a unique legacy of other engineering competences – covering everything from marine warranty surveying to turbine design and vessel expertise.


Marion Hill

Marion Hill

Business Line Director, Renewables Advisory, North America

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