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Developing Technical Expertise

The Top Tech Programme

Top Tech is a unique training programme which has been developed for our people pursuing a technical career.

DNV GL Careers
DNV GL's technology development programme for technical experts at University of California Berkeley

Top Tech is geared towards our highly accomplished technical experts with a PhD or MSc, a minimum of 10 years of relevant experience and at least two years employment with us. The programme is a collaboration between DNV GL and the University of California, Berkeley, and is held at the Berkeley campus.
Top Tech focuses on the following three areas: technology for sustainability, energy innovations and commercialization of technology. 

The programme aims to:

  • Improve the depth and breadth of our technical leadership so as to capitalize on technology-based business opportunities
  • Keep us at the forefront of new technology
  • Accelerate the adoption of new technology in DNV GL
  • Facilitate global thought leadership within risk management and climate change