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Rethinking Prosperity: Guardian Sustainable Business partner zone


At DNV GL, we’re always on the lookout for new partnerships and opportunities that can engage a broader audience on our vision, a Global impact for a Safe and Sustainable Future. 

To this end, we’ve teamed up with Guardian Sustainable Business, an online platform run by the respected UK-based media organization. The Guardian Sustainable Business page is dedicated to covering the social and environmental impacts of business. Their goal is to enhance society’s ability to build a sustainable future. 

We’ve officially launched our partnership: the ‘Rethinking Prosperity’ hub. The top section of the page has a completely independent journalistic content, provided by the Guardian team. Further down you’ll find the DNV GL partner zone: our own section where we can articulate and demonstrate what rethinking prosperity means to us and our customers. It will feature some of the actions, innovations and partnerships that the industries we serve are involved in through their day-to-day work, all aimed at creating a safe and sustainable future. 

“We look forward to strengthening the partnership with Guardian Sustainable Business,” says project owner Bjørn K Haugland, Executive Vice President  and Chief Sustainability Officer at DNV GL. “This well-recognized communication platform will enable us to reach out to a broader audience and demonstrate specific ideas, projects and initiatives where economic growth is decoupled from negative social and environmental impacts.”