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Building a sound occupational health and safety culture

One of our key focus areas in DNV GL is to strengthen our safety culture across the entire organization. A global safety culture initiative was therefore launched in January 2015.


Throughout 2015 and beyond, we will work together to strengthen our attitudes, beliefs and behavior towards health and safety – across all Business Areas, as well as geographies.

A successful movement to strengthen our attitudes, beliefs and behaviour related to health and safety will result in a positive safety culture – we call this a learning culture. Our envisioned state in DNV GL is:

  • DNV GL employees have health and safety in their head, hands and heart. Meaning, we know what to do, we are actually able to do it, and most importantly, we do it because we believe in it. We know the risks and consequences we face, and we are capable and motivated to make the right decisions about health and safety at any given moment. Everyone prioritizes health and safety; we are expected to stop work that puts ourselves and/or others at risk.
  • In spite of being the safest place to work compared to other companies in the industries in which we operate, we are not complacent or lazy. We are aware that if we aren’t careful, an accident or incident can easily happen at anytime, anywhere, to anyone.
  • As part of everyday work, we take responsibility for our own health and safety as well as the health and safety of those around us. We actively report incidents and hazards and genuinely look out for one another without instilling blame. We are proactive and our safety culture is in a constant state of improvement.

The safety culture initiative started with an assessment of where we are today – our baseline. The assessment was conducted worldwide an included an online survey to all employees, interviews with employees from selected regions, a management system review, and a risk analysis.

Based on the findings, strategies and initiatives to improve our safety culture has been developed by our HSE directors. These initiatives and plans have been anchored with the DNV GL Executive Committee (EC) and Extended Leadership Teams (ELT) in each Business Area. The initiatives will be adjusted to and implemented on a local scale.

In order to ensure that DNV GL is on the right track, a re-run of the survey will be conducted in 2017. This will provide input for benchmarking and making adjustments to the initiatives and strategies where necessary.