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Businesses all over the world are making increasingly complicated decisions against a changing financial, environmental, regulatory and social backdrop. They must strive for excellence and act responsibly in the face of stakeholder scrutiny. There's zero tolerance for failure, and they only trust businesses that behave – and don’t just talk – in a responsible manner.

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What we do

At DNV GL, we enable businesses to deal with scrutiny and increased complexity. We help companies better understand and manage risks and make sound, informed decisions based on facts. We do this through providing classification and technical assurance along with software and independent expert advisory services to the maritime, oil and gas, and energy industries. We also provide certification services to customers across a wide range of industries. Operating in more than 100 countries, our 15,000 professionals are dedicated to helping our customers make the world safer, smarter and greener.

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A broader view on details

Some decisions never get a second chance - you need to start with the right facts

Some decisions have long-term consequences. Take, for example, the thousands of decisions and long-term consequences of constructing a gas pipeline or a ship, or establishing a wind farm. Not only does each of these present regulatory, financial, environmental, technical and operational challenges, they require you to be able to manage diverse – and sometimes conflicting – stakeholder interests.

To ensure that you make the right decisions regarding any of these challenges, you need the right facts, the right skills and detailed, trustworthy knowledge in many different areas. DNV GL has deep competencies within a broad range of fields. We help companies better understand and manage risks and make sound, informed decisions based on facts. The real value, however, is our ability to combine this detailed knowledge and address the bigger picture.

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A broader view on risk management

Enabling safe and sustainable performance by understanding how the details are connected

Having deep competence across a broad range of areas is not enough. To navigate safely through mounting complexity, you must understand how all details are connected and how they impact the bigger picture. We help to do exactly that through:

  • Independent assurance services: classification, certification, assessment, verification and testing
    These are the means for businesses to constantly improve and prove compliance with regulatory requirements, rules, standards and recommended practices to ensure the highest standards of quality, safety and sustainability.
  • Expert advisory services
    We enable businesses to solve complex technical or operational challenges to advance their performance in a safe and sustainable manner.
  • Standards and recommended practices
    We accumulate and share insights from our extensive, hands-on industry experience, technical knowledge and joint industry innovations by developing new or updated standards and recommended practices.
  • Qualification of new technologies
    Based on our trusted, independent approach and proven technical expertise and methodologies, we help businesses qualify their new technologies. Although we never design or manufacture products ourselves, we nevertheless use our knowledge to inspire the industry by developing new concepts to solve complex challenges.
  • Advanced software products
    Through a full suite of software solutions we support a variety of business critical activities including design and engineering, risk assessment, asset integrity and optimization, QHSE and ship management.
  • Research and innovation
    Every year, we devote five per cent of our revenue to research and innovation. In close collaboration with our customers and other organizations, we gain new insights and solutions for the short term and the long term.

That is what we do. We are obsessed with details and facts, but always with the bigger picture in mind, so that our customers can optimize business performance without compromising on safety and sustainability standards.

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A broader view on industry understanding

Sharing ideas makes the world safer, smarter and greener

At DNV GL, we have cultivated partnerships and gained extensive insights within many industries. We also work with universities, regulators, authorities and NGOs.Because we are independent, we often bring together
key players within an industry to develop innovative solutions and turn knowledge into standards and best practices for the benefit of the entire industry.

A best practice from one industry can sometimes be applied to – and help advance – practices in another industry. For example, our maritime origins and expertise on floating structures is applied in the offshore oil and gas and offshore wind industries. The experience we have gained in these high-risk industries is helping hospitals and healthcare organizations manage risk and improve patient safety. The solution to an industry challenge is not always found within that same industry. This broader view on industry challenges and opportunities is benefiting our customers every day.

On page focusing on our industry offerings, you will discover more about DNV GL’s expertise within the main industries we service.