Agenda Overview. All Session times are CDT

Day 1 

Tuesday, April 13



  • Bladed demo, model build, load cases, and batch runs 
  • Concept models service (for life extension/operations) 
  • SST overview 


Larens Alblas

Product Manager, Offshore Wind



Day 2 

Wednesday, April 14


Offshore Wind: Sesam + Bladed Capabilities

During day 2 of the workshop series, Sesam’s capabilities for fixed offshore wind will be introduced. After a quick overview of Sesam’s modeling capabilities, an industry practice workflow for fixed offshore wind support structures will be shown, using the strengths in Sesam and Bladed and featuring DNV’s cloud solutions for computation and collaboration. The benefits of using wind turbine concept models are explained for optimized design of the support structures.

  • Sesam substructure design tools including short modeling demonstration 
  • Fixed OWT workflows (superelement and integrated) with Sesam and Bladed, including demonstration 
  • Concept model (new designs) 
  • Cloud and Insight  

Day 3 

Wednesday, April 15


Workflows for floating offshore wind

Our last workshop will focus on the DNV workflows for floating offshore wind, enabling design of the wind turbine as well as for the floater and mooring lines. A demonstration will run through the workflow, including fully-coupled analysis of the complete floating wind structure, performing a hydrodynamic re-tracking along with a structural assessment of the floater in Sesam

  • Sesam floater design and hydrodynamic coefficients 
  • Sima Floating OWT demo 
  • Concept models and Bladed for floating wind 
  • Sesam hydrodynamic re-tracking and structural assessment 
  • Future of Sesam and Bladed