Cyber security risk management for critical information infrastructure

Cyber security and information risk services offered by DNV GL

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Ubiquitously, new technologies beget new threats. The critical information infrastructure (CII) are no strangers to the increasing interconnectedness. However, unlike other organizations which need to safeguard themselves against cyber threats for the benefit of their business continuity and revenue, the owners and operators of CII are held to a higher cyber resilience standard in the interests of the communities, and even whole countries, that are dependent on their services. Hence, a risk management framework is necessary to maintain resiliency and security, by ensuring the organization is kept up to date on the risk it faces against its risk tolerance levels and mitigations.

In DNV, risk assessment is the core of our business and we are the authors behind the globally recognized Recommended Practice on Cybersecurity. We have partnered with CII all around the world to manage their cybersecurity risks, and we are now stepping out to unveil how we do it and experiences we have picked up over the years. 


  • Macro Trends & Cyber Attacks on CII Across the Globe 
  • Cyber Security as an Element of the Integrated Risk and Control Management Process
  • Gearing Up Your Systems/Devices for IEC62443 Certification