Enterprise asset health and risk analysis for utilities

Learn how utility asset managers use an advanced and automated method to support and improve their complex CAPEX replacement decisions.
Asset health index and asset maintenance strategy for electric utilities
Complete assessment of the health and risk of critical utility assets

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Transparent decision making based on unbiased data is becoming more and more critical for electric utilities. The decision-making process is complicated and different data from many sources is needed to justify capital replacements to all stakeholders involved.

Watch the webinar recording to learn about advanced asset health and risk analysis, our proven methodology now built into the enterprise solution Cascade Foresight, giving asset managers new and accurate insights on the actual remaining life time of their assets and how their decisions support corporate KPIs.

Topics included in the webinar:

  • The challenges of asset health and risk analysis, and how to disclose this information to the enterprise 
  • DNV GL’s proven, and flexible, methodology for health indexing and alignment with ISO 55000 
  • Examples of how to model electrical assets, what sort of data is needed and how to calculate its remaining lifetime 
  • An introduction and live demo of the new DNV GL asset management decision support solution, Cascade Foresight 


  • Mischa Vermeer, Principal Consultant, DNV GL - Energy
  • Jeroen Schuddebeurs, Consultant, DNV GL - Energy