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Utility-scale battery system evaluation with ES-GRID

Utility-scale battery system evaluation

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Determine optimal sites project size, technology and economics for utility-scale (generation+)battery system deployment

The onshore wind industry is seeing a sharp increase in utility-scale renewable+battery deployments. Meanwhile, FERC 841 (2018) requires ISOs to provide storage equal access to all markets and services. Whether you are considering new wind+battery systems or adding batteries to existing generation assets, it’s important to screen locations and understand the economic and technical requirements of the selected projects.

Maximizing project potential
To this end, DNV GL’s techno-economic evaluation service for utility-scale battery systems, ES-Grid, helps you maximize your project’s potential. We can determine the best location and size for deployment of stand-alone battery systems, renewable+battery systems or fossil+battery systems.

Sophisticated market modelling and optimization dispatch ensures the most reliable valuations. A bottom-up approach dispatches battery systems on an hourly basis, according to market regulations and engineering parameters. Dispatch results are used to calculate hourly revenue, costs and perform full cash-flow analysis to determine project economic viability.

Unparalleled understanding
Thanks to our extensive experience in analysing projects, you can be sure of unparalleled understanding of battery system technical requirements, battery contracts and industry costs. Moreover, with our strong track-record in independent engineering supporting project finance, we can also offer trustworthy guidance on project bankability.

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