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Tender support for Hollandse Kust (noord) Wind Farm Zone (HKNWFZ)

Borssele Hollandse Kust

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Full range of assessment, design, financial and Operations & Management services to help you prepare a competitive business case and bid for the latest Hollandse Kust wind farm zone

With the next round of highly competitive Hollandse Kust Wind Farms subsidy tender, you want to make sure you have the most cost-effective, bankable business plan and tender. How can you minimise the risks while maximising the attractiveness of your bid? 

You may be approaching this project as an owner or developer. In either case, you will need to create a business case that ensures you see the return on investment you want. Also, the tender documentation needs to be fully compliant with all formal bidding requirements.   

Technology and market price forecasting
Key support services in the bidding phase for the Hollandse Kust wind farms are those that maximize performance,minimize CAPEX and OPEX and manage the risks. With our expertise and experience in technology and market price forecasting we can provide reliable data for the most competitive bid, supported with our world class services in:


Additional tender support services may consist of:

Let us help you get there 
As a thought-leader and innovator in wind energy, we have the know-how to support you at each step of the process. Our unrivalled wind expertise gives you the complete peace of mind that your tender covers all the points, while your business case ensures that your return on investment will meet your expectations. With our global experience and local touch, you will move smoothly and confidently through the tender process, and beyond.

Wind resource assessment 
DNVs wind resource assessment team has over 30 years' experience and have analysed more than 200 GW of projects around the world, including more than 15 GW offshore. DNV’s recognized excellence and independence makes us the preferred consultancy of most financial institutions. We believe that robust resource analysis is vital for the reliability of a project, but also recognize the financial and timescale challenges that competitive bids present to the industry. DNV is able to deliver high quality Energy Production Assessments to customers at reduced cost and with very quick turnaround times.

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