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Sustainable buildings portfolio

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DNV’s strategic and technical advice supports energy planning and management across building portfolios, cutting costs and boosting property value.

Using buildings sustainably can help you cut operating costs, increase property values and enhance your environmental credentials to stand out in the market. DNV offers strategic and technical advisory services to help you manage risks and achieve sustainability targets across multiple buildings.

DNV combines in-depth technical knowledge across the energy value chain with a global reach and technology-agnostic methodology to ensure the most cost-effective solution for your needs. This unique combination draws on 30 years’ experience in energy project management, onsite generation, energy efficiency and procurement, demand management assessments, and the renewable energy and carbon markets. Moreover, its effectiveness has been proven in more than 100 green building certified projects.

Services offered

  • Sustainability goal setting and roadmapping
  • Enterprise Energy Management System due diligence, procurement and implementation
  • Microgrids and energy master planning
  • Facility benchmarking (energy, water, waste) and greenhouse gas footprinting
  • Energy efficiency and renewable energy strategy
  • Commissioning, retro-commissioning and energy auditing
  • LEED® certification advisory services (individual and multiple buildings)

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