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Sustainability Planning for Cities

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DNV helps cities and regional governments prepare for climate impacts through a comprehensive approach to energy, adaptation, and resiliency planning.

A comprehensive sustainability planning process drives opportunities to enhance the living standards of the community around access to clean air and water, while promoting citizen engagement and a healthier community. Sustainability planning is inherently about advancing long-term development objectives and maintaining interdependent municipal services and systems. DNV offers technical assistance to cities seeking to develop comprehensive plans to address the multitude of risks associated with climate change and energy use. Technical assistance offered by DNV includes:

  • Climate Planning services that help cities identify their key emission sources, develop strategies and actions to reduce those emissions for a low carbon future, assess climate adaptation risks, and implement actions to address key risk exposure. The DNV team understands that the goal of climate planning projects is to assist governments support healthy and prosperous local neighborhoods, and prepare for the impacts of climate change. For this reason, our approach focuses on stakeholder engagement, addressing community priorities, complying with regulatory requirements, and leveraging industry best practices for evaluating and prioritizing community emissions reduction strategies. 
  • Climate Adaptation and Resilience services that provide cities with an enhanced understanding of the threats and vulnerabilities related to extreme weather events and climate change. DNV’s ADAPT is a probabilistic risk analysis framework for assessing hazards and vulnerabilities, and for identifying cost-effective risk management measures. ADAPT provides enhanced understanding of threats and vulnerabilities related to extreme weather events and climate change, based on a comprehensive integration of the latest science, engineering, and risk assessment methods.
  • Smart Green City Planning services enable cities to advance energy and technology solutions that minimize environmental impact, save money, and support the integration of smart technologies to create more resilient urban infrastructure. Acting as an impartial partner and project manager, DNV can help your city create and implement a master plan that embodies your city’s unique vision and priorities across various city plans and departments, leveraging process (such as capital improvements and budgeting, as well as data management and analysis) to create a culture of innovation, efficiency, and sustainability. Our proprietary tools let you evaluate baseline conditions, energy, and climate impacts of different programs and policies, and innovative smart and emerging technologies ranging from sensors to microgrids and smart electric vehicles. Our team also helps cities prioritize strategies based on an in-depth analysis of potential costs, return on investment, and system integration needs for different technologies. 

With more than 25 local government sustainability planning projects in our portfolio, our team has deep expertise in working with the community to obtain input into the sustainability planning process. We ensure the community is an active participant in planning development and implementation. Through all of our community sustainability projects, we are well versed in multiple outreach and engagement strategies to successfully capture diverse community needs and perspectives. DNV works with cities and public agencies worldwide – from large coastal cities to small and mid-sized inland cities, and municipal utilities to state energy commissions. 

A key player in smart city test-beds, DNV recently coordinated PowerMatchingCity, a real-life community-scale demonstration project, balancing on-site solar generation and demand in a grid of interconnected households and electric vehicles and is included in the UN ‘Sustainia100’ list of worldwide examples of viable solutions for a more sustainable future. 

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