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Analyse and compare your vessel’s hydrodynamic performance with high-fidelity, full-scale CFD simulations.

In some cases, it can be difficult to analyse the performance of a hull design especially when time and budget are tight. As model tests are usually no optioin in early design phases or at a later stage in a vessel’s life cycle, an alternative approach is needed to deliver reliable and consistent results.

Here the Ship Performance Simulator (SPS) comes into play. It allows you to analyse and compare design variants with respect to their calm water power demand.

Simply upload the hull geometry file and define your operating profile. The SPS then conducts full-scale CFD propulsion simulations utilizing a standardized and validated power assessment. Within one week, a detailed online report is generated.

As no CFD-specific input is required, the SPS can be launched by anybody at anytime from anywhere. Confidential treatment of all information as well as encrypted data exchange protocols provide maximum data security.

Typical fields of application:

Designers and shipyards can analyse and compare their design variants with respect to their calm water power demand. An optional benchmarking reveals the degree of quality compared to similar vessels in DNV's database.

Ship owners can rely on the standardized performance assessment in the SPS, both in newbuilding phase and for fleets in service.

Ship owners can use the SPS results to demonstrate that their vessels have undergone a transparent efficiency assessment by an independent third party.

Operators and owners can utilize the SPS to complement model tests, e.g. for greenhouse gas (GHG) rating, fleet performance monitoring, etc.

Technical specifications of the SPS:

  • Full-scale computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
  • Propulsion simulations
  • Proven and validated, standardized VoF-RANSE solver
  • Predictions based on the standards of the International Towing Tank Conference (ITTC)
  • Encrypted data exchange providing much more data security than email exchange

Discover your benefits of the Ship Performance Simulator application from DNV:

  • Short lead time and low costs, bringing hydrodynamic insights into new fields of application
  • The option to share results with others, while keeping your input and hull lines confidential
  • The option to benchmark the considered design against similar vessels in DNV’s database
  • A fully digital process – from data submission to reporting
  • Web-based reporting combining tabular data with graphical information and plots
  • An embedded 3D viewer of the flow field to support the understanding of the flow characteristics

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