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The PSC Planner provides you with an overview of your fleet’s PSC performance. The application also helps you prepare for upcoming PSC inspections by providing simple checklists for setting the right priorities for your ships and identifying different focus areas.

To remain a global player in the maritime industry, it is more important than ever for ship managers and operators to improve their operational efficiency, including their preparation for PSC inspections. With the PSC Planner application from DNV, managers and operators have everything they need for improved PSC performance with just a few clicks. The application provides overview and benchmarking data of your fleet. Special features enable the crew to focus on specific areas of improvement, supporting a smoother PSC experience to ensure the vessel can continue its voyage on schedule.


  • Provides an instant overview of inspection risk for customers’ vessel fleet
  • Saves time in preparation for inspections
  • Helps customers to focus on truly important items when entering the port


  • Risk category and inspection likelihood for the three MoUs that use the New Inspection Regime (NIR)
  • Comprehensive statistics of deficiencies and detentions, filtered by vessel (e.g. type, size, age) and port to determine high-risk items
  • Bespoke checklists for customers’ vessels to prepare optimally for the next inspection

The PSC Planner app has been designed to increase operational efficiency. It bundles preparation efforts for PSC inspections, enabling the crew to focus on those areas which are truly relevant.

The access to the PSC Planner is granted via Veracity / My Services / Fleet Status.

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